Exploring AR / VR applications for Design and Manufacturing

18th April 2018
Hyatt Regency, Pune
200 Industry Professionals
22 Speakers


is bigger than you think!

Globally, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is playing a vital role and being adopted as an Engineer’s communication ‘language’ to help cross functional teams digitally see and interact with their designs, as well as troubleshoot potential issues in pre-production. It is a VISUAL expression of “how it is going to be” and is being used across CONCEPT – DEVELOPMENT –BUILD –ASSEMBLE – MAINTENANCE in several sectors; its potential in Design and Manufacturing as a decision support tool is TREMENDOUS.

What they are saying about the Conference

“The challenge of remaining competitive can be met only by continuing to reduce costs, improving quality and giving greater value to customers. Virtual reality can significantly help in this effort, especially by reducing time and cost of bringing products to the market, and enabling various activities to be visualized, without actual physical model building. I am glad this conference will bring focus on this important technological tool, that can assist the ‘Make in India’ effort by increasing the competitiveness of Indian industry.

Mr.R C Bhargava, Chairman, Maruti Suzuki Ltd

“Industry 4.0 is upon us, and those caught unprepared will be swept away by the forces of change. Alongside Artificial intelligence, Internet of things, Additive manufacturing, and Futuristic materials, the game changers for the factory of the future are Virtual & Augmented reality.”
Mr.Sundaram Srinivasan, Managing Director, Lincoln Electric Company (India) Pvt Ltd.

Next Generation Engineer's Productivity Tool

Virtual Reality is the ‘Next Big Thing’ according to various market research firms.

As we dawn upon Industry 4.0, “Virtual Reality” takes centre stage to help global teams communicate and realise the dream of the Digital Twin. Virtual Reality (VR) has been in existence for decades but it is now riding the maturity curve with affordable HMD solutions to completely immersive cave AR/ VR solutions.

VR / AR solutions being a “decision support – ideation and verification” tool, can pay back with a single bright idea. Virtual reality is no more an option but a necessity to deliver “first time right” products with complete virtual prototype.

Given the level of real-world readiness demonstrated by virtual reality, it should come as no surprise that major manufacturers such as Ford, Jaguar, Daimler, Bentley, John Deere, Bombardier and BAE systems are all using VR as a design aid. There are a number of extremely convincing use-cases.

The VR landscape

Revenues from virtual reality hardware and software projected to increase from 3.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2016 to more than 40 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

Projected economic impact of VR/AR technology by 2020 is 15.6 billion USD

Forecast augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) market size worldwide from 2016 to 2020 is 143.3 billion USD

AR/VR jobs on Linkedin have tripled in the last 1 year


Source: https://www.statista.com/topics/2532/virtual-reality-vr/


From being used in creating immersive gaming experience, VR is now opening up a whole new demographic of business possibilities.

As VR devices become increasingly affordable, accessible and configurable; and computers get more powerful, industry has started reaping benefits of virtual prototyping.

 As innovations pick up pace, more industries are identifying ways to use VR. VR stores, virtual plant and real estate walkthroughs to Data visualisation, VR has become a cross geographic people interaction tool. VR technology allows the building, training and maintaining process to be a collaborative effort.

Products are created at a much faster pace with the help of product behavior-testing and visualization. The interactive capabilities help bridge communication gaps especially arising with Global Cross functional development teams and on a common data set.

Delegate / Attendee profile:

Strategists. Visionaries whose actions affect their company’s future.
Forward-thinking business leaders responsible for productivity and maintaining competitiveness

  • Early adopters speaking about their business value
  • MD / CXO their teams responsible for research, styling and new product development
  • Plant / Manufacturing / Functional heads / IT head
  • Project, Design heads / Product Development Managers
  • Integration, Innovation, Prototyping and validation Engineers
  • Engineering Review specialists
  • Serviceability and Maintenance Managers
  • Middle and senior managers in production and operations
  • Training Managers from end user industries – Aerospace, Nuclear establishment, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Heavy Industries, Defense

Who will participate / sponsor / exhibit:

Hardware –

  • Cameras
  • Sensing, gyroscopes, motion sensors
  • AR, VR Interface
  • Wearables – HMD, Bionic arms, Haptic devices, Movement trackers, Eye-tracking

Software –

  • AR / VR software
  • Physical and Digital conversions
  • Virtualization, converting

System Integrators – Solution integrators
Application developers

Our Expert

Sheetalchandra Hukkeri


Mr Sheetalchandra Hukkeri is an Independent Business consultant, carries with him over 32 years of vast Industry experience in the Information Technology solutions specifically in CAD – PLM and design automation field apart from other Data centre solutions. A BE in Electrical Engineering by education started his career as a Design engineer in Kirloskar Electric in 1986-87 soon to join the first CAD-CAM team in the country with HCL and has the distinction of introducing and selling many a first solutions in MCAD, ECAD, GIS, Simulation and Analysis domains like SDRC, ANSYS, Aspin, Plant design, AEC and Autodesk to state a few.

An established and recognised Business Leader, He has held various Senior Management positions as Senior Director, Country Head and Profit centre head in esteemed organisations like ESI Group, Siemens Software India Ltd, Dassault Systemes India Ltd, HERO Corporate Services, HCL Infosystems , and HCL –HP Ltd. He has also had an entrepreneurial stint with his company I-Tech solutions in the late 90’s. He has represented and contributed in various national and international conferences.

As an Independent Business consultant he now wishes to use his vast experience to help organisations and customers deliver and derive value and ROI on automation solutions.

Session Format :

Inauguration, Keynote on “Virtual reality a key to success”

        • Session I: VR reduces Time to Market (Concept and product design)
        • Session II: VR helps reduce cost to build ( Virtual build)
        • Session II: VR helps skill and reduce deployment costs , Training and Maintenance

CXO Panel discussion: “Virtualization a Keystone in Industry 4.0”

Live Demo sessions in VR-AR

Exhibition booths

Felicitation & Cocktail Dinner

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